In Ohio, your automobile insurance policy may have a type of coverage known as Medical Payments coverage. The easiest way to think about Medical Payments coverage (A.K.A. “Med Pay”) is that it is like a pot of money your insurance company has that you can reach into to pay for accident related medical bills. Another way of looking at it is as a type of health insurance that you can use to pay for injuries you suffer in an automobile accident. It does have some differences from your standard health insurance that you get through work or from the government:

It has a set dollar amount. Unlike regular health insurance, Medical Payments only pays up to the limit stated in your policy. This can be as little as $1,000.00, or as much as $100,000.00 depending on your individual policy

You can only use it to pay for medical care related to the accident. Medical Payments is meant to help pay for accident related medical bills. If you have a doctor visit that is primarily for something not related to your accident, your insurance company may decline payment.

It can cover more than one person. Generally speaking, Medical Payments covers you(the “named insured”) no matter what vehicle you are in, and also covers anyone in your car if your car gets in an accident.

You have to use it before you use your “regular” health insurance. Most health insurances are going to require you to use up all of the money available under your Medical Payments coverage before you can start using your health insurance to pay for accident related bills.

You might have to submit the medical bill yourself. Unlike regular health insurance, your doctor might not send the bill to insurance on your behalf. This isn’t a big deal, just get a copy of the bill from your doctor, and then send it to the auto insurance company yourself. Usually the person you are sending it to is called a “Med Pay Adjuster”. Sometimes if you get the Med Pay Adjuster’s name and contact information before you go to the doctor, you can ask the doctor’s office (nicely) to submit the bill for you.

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